The greatest hope for humanity depends on our compassion for strangers.

The greatest hope for the planet depends on our collective shunning of convenience and profit.

Compassionate Strangers: What happened to Wisdom? attends to one of these hopes.

Compassionate Strangers: What happened to Wisdom? is a series of 24 essays on how we might become better human beings. Each essay takes one idea, primarily from Hans-Georg Gadamer, Emmanuel Levinas or Jean-Paul Sartre and presents a clear, non-technical, overview of the philosopher’s idea. The aim is to introduce the reader to a more personal ethical perspective than traditional moral theories offer when thinking about our lives and relationships with others. Or, to put it another way…

What is it to be human and have humanity?

Compassion, ethics and wisdom act as the guiding aspirations in an exploration of three essential principles: self-awareness, other-awareness and self-development.