After You, Jackson
is a new way of thinking about
personal ethics and culture.

Ethics is about how we relate to each other and it’s personal!
Yet most of us don’t really understand it or think it is relevant.
After You, Jackson is an attempt to change that.

Emmanuel Levinas famously said his whole philosophy
could be summed up in two words:
Après Vous 

He also said that après vous “should be the finest definition of our civilization”.

So, in the sprit of civilization,
After You, Jackson will offer fireside warmth
to philosophers and others
who might, or might not, have been left out in the cold.

Levinas, Gadamer and Sartre will join us.
As will Magritte, Mozart, O’Keeffe,
Rothko, Winterson, and, of course,
Jackson Pollock,
amongst a cast of plenty.

Read on and enjoy!

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