When everyone else is doing the same thing, it reinforces feelings of personal integration. It is only when a dancer appears that such ways of being seem incomplete. Play, dance, swoop and glide. Live. When one is solely used to walking sedately from room to room and observing all those around conducting themselves in a … Continue reading Play


Consciousness is infinite, it is continually unbound. There are no edges, no limits, no prescribed patterns or paths. Lariat throws, droplets sinking. Being-for-itself, consciousness has no predetermined essence. It has to invent for itself, ever expanding, constantly flowing. In Being and Nothingness, Jean-Paul Sartre’s subject of enquiry started to shift and peel away from phenomenology, … Continue reading Consciousness


Tenderness is the welcome that waits. Passive, but also active. Humble, but never servile. Always in the present, always selfless. Tenderness gives a direct and instant connection. For Silvia Benso, attention “becomes an essential component of the human side of the ethics of things.”[1] For her, attention is rooted in ad-tending, the moving toward; the concentrating … Continue reading Tenderness


The me that was, is different to the me that I. Where yesterday I swam in the city, today I muse where tomorrow I fly. I am free to choose. There is nothing to abide. The shape and course of my future is always alive. By looking at what occurs when one’s consciousness moves through … Continue reading Freedom