The ear that floats on a melody, is the same that attends to language. It similarly startles when surprised by a scuffle. Our eyes, that we tune to culture, scan first for words and danger. Experiences and understanding are rarely met blankly. Evolutionary wiring orders survival and comprehension first, and then art. In Aesthetics and Hermeneutics, … Continue reading Understanding


In the midst of the banal and over-eager, find the art that speaks directly to you. Let it linger, let it nourish. Once bitten by an artwork, it marks and changes you, as time ages wine. When walking around an art gallery we can experience the onset of a phenomenon. Amidst the plentiful supply of … Continue reading Art


Out of all the activities, deeds, pursuits and service we can concoct, there is one project above all others; ourselves. This project is yours, it’s mine, it’s everybody’s. We are each our own project, And, we are each free to propel ourselves into the future. Casting logic aside, Jean-Paul Sartre shaped the more positive side … Continue reading Ourselves