Open Letter

5th February 2019

Dear Theresa May,

I write not for me…

I write for my children…

The European Union is imperfect and will probably always be so. However, it is also an aspiration. It is a beacon of hope that seeks to remove borders and barriers. It is an agreement between twenty-eight countries to strive harder for humanity. It is a reminder that collectively we can enrich each other’s lives.  

I want my children to grow older with the same beacon of hope that I had. I also want the European Union to help our country heal its wounds and repair the rift between the Haves and the Have Nots. Our crisis is not unique. It is shared across Europe and the world. We need to work together, as a country, as Europeans, as citizens of the world, to solve that crisis. We can share positive lessons to cure social differences. However, without our fellow European partners that hope fades. The beacon goes dim. And, we are left too weak to cure our own divisions.

Please, and here I beg, do not send my children’s hopes over the white cliffs and watch them get dashed onto the rocks or dragged beneath the waves. Instead, breathe in and do the right thing. Reconsider the vast volumes of evidence and appeals. Reconsider for who you act – the generations of the future.

Please, stop our separation from the European Union.

I write not for me…

I write for my children.  

Jim Walsh

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