Tenderness is the welcome that waits. Passive, but also active. Humble, but never servile. Always in the present, always selfless. Tenderness gives a direct and instant connection. For Silvia Benso, attention “becomes an essential component of the human side of the ethics of things.”[1] For her, attention is rooted in ad-tending, the moving toward; the concentrating … Continue reading Tenderness


The me that was, is different to the me that I. Where yesterday I swam in the city, today I muse where tomorrow I fly. I am free to choose. There is nothing to abide. The shape and course of my future is always alive. By looking at what occurs when one’s consciousness moves through … Continue reading Freedom

The Self

Fascinated and enthralled by our own selves, and the meagre knowledge we have managed to grasp. We become lonely, empty, and wretched, if, with a frozen look, we slay those we encounter. The choice between cold knowledge or compassion awaits. According to Emmanuel Levinas, a loss or a death takes place if we freeze over … Continue reading The Self


We own our prejudices, but they don’t have to own us. If understood, they can be challenged and overcome. Their baying judgements can be stemmed and quietened. Prejudices don’t have to stride impulsively through our thoughts. How many of us, though, have such self-control? Within Truth and Method, Hans-Georg Gadamer questioned the self-assumed sufficiency and … Continue reading Prejudices


Respect doesn’t wear mirrored sunglasses. Respect doesn’t opt for role-playing detachment. Respect doesn’t punish because it can. Respect doesn’t abuse, accuse or allege. Respect doesn’t start with fear, hatred or suspicion. The Stanford Prison Experiment was conducted from 14th – 20th of August 1971. It was supposed to have a longer duration, but it had to be … Continue reading Respect


In that moment of eye-to-eye contact, There is recognition and a realisation occurs. We are met by another person. Each of us deserves consideration, thought and understanding.  Each of us deserves to be treated ethically. Ethics is about allowing the humanity of the other person to have impact upon us. Rather than ignoring them as … Continue reading Ethics

VIII Jumping in with both feet and AC/DC

***** It is the ghost of ourselves that stands still in the midst of the tumult and watches, detached in eye and detached in body, as the struggles and joys of our fellow passengers float across the protective screen we have blown up around ourselves. ***** Let’s kick off with a quick flash-back. If you … Continue reading VIII Jumping in with both feet and AC/DC

IV The experience of art and Magritte

***** “The work of art has its true being in the fact it becomes an experience that changes the person who experiences it.”1 Hans-Georg Gadamer ***** One hundred and fifty years before Kant wrote his Critique of Judgement, Diego Velázquez painted his portrait of ‘Pope Innocent X’. Ever since, art connoisseurs have revered the work. For example, … Continue reading IV The experience of art and Magritte